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Ranking Your Website – The Usual Suggestions?

Ranking Your Website – It’s Not Really Changed at All

When recently listening to a webinar, I was surprised to hear the following: Authority sites are DEAD. Yes, dead. I was as shocked as you may be. After all, haven’t we all heard over and over again that authority sites are what Google is looking for?

Google Algorithm Updates (Revisited)

Google’s Matt Cutts has issued a warning (or is it transparency?*) about Google’s upcoming algorithm updates. Webmasters and website owners alike are scrambling to try to understand (or is it decipher) the cryptic warning about the potential SERPS (Search Engine Results Page Ranking) fallout (yet again) when the next update occurs. This next update will most likely encompass violations of Google’s Quality Guidelines which will target bad backlinking practices and continue targeting violations of the duplicate content policy which was started on past updates. 

What’s new with the MacBook Pro?

Apple recently introduced the New MacBook Pro and it’s Getting Rave Reviews!

Retina Display Resolution:

The new display on the MacBook Pro has a 2880 x 1800 resolution at 220 pixels per inch. The density of the pixels in the resolution combine to produce sharper and richer depth of colors. How much sharper? Over 3 million more pixels than a High Definition TV. So sharp that your retina can’t tell the difference between the individual pixels.

Your Small Business Website: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Here today, gone tomorrow?

With the last Google (Penguin) update on April 24th, most Webmasters and website owners alike noticed a change in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Ranking.  Websites hardest hit had duplicate content, scraped content, and/or backlinks that were artificially created. Others, had less obvious reasons for their sites dropping like a stone in ranking. So, what happened to many small business websites?

iPhone improvement(s)

The new iPhone 4S is out. What is different in this version of the iPhone 4 and is it worth upgrading to despite the increase in cost?

Processing Matters Most:

The iPhone 4S now contains an upgraded processing chip, the A5 chip. The A5 chip is without a doubt, a faster version of it’s A4 predecessor. The GPU (integrated graphics or graphics processing unit) is up to seven times more powerful and  the CPU (central processing unit) is two times more powerful. The iPhone 4S CPU processor is clocked slightly slower than an iPad 2. This upgrade makes the iPhone pretty powerful if you consider the processing is just slightly less than an iPad. That alone is worth the price.

LinkedIn: build your career

Most people (I’m in this group) put LinkedIn at the bottom of the list when it comes to the websites they want to visit or interact with on a daily basis. Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter usually take up a good deal of surfing time with some career professionals. If you are looking to work on your current career, career contacts, or to get the career that you have always dreamed about, LinkedIn might help. Think of LinkedIn as another set of tools to help your career move forward. LinkedIn has the tools to help you with obtaining the career you want or expanding your current career contacts by connecting you to news, forums, groups, and other employers who are looking to hire.

Do You Twellow?

Recently I tried Yellow Pages online advertising with mixed results. While the online impressions were ok, the incorrect logo, and ad listing problems way outweighed the benefits. I also found that my website averaged more searches on many more keywords than the Yellow Page ad. After almost a month with Y.P., the search was on again to find an online advertising resource that would give me the advertising results without all the headaches. My search brought me to Twellow.

Facebook Versus Google + for Businesses

Competition is good. I recently read that Facebook has added a new way of creating a business profile and subsequently checked it out. One has to wonder why (suddenly) FB has come out with a business profile. It seems more than coincidental that in the wake of Google+ systematically banning business profiles (built with Google+ user profiles) that FB wants to get one step ahead of the competition.



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