Ranking Your Website – The Usual Suggestions?

Ranking Your Website – It’s Not Really Changed at All

When recently listening to a webinar, I was surprised to hear the following: Authority sites are DEAD. Yes, dead. I was as shocked as you may be. After all, haven’t we all heard over and over again that authority sites are what Google is looking for?

So what was the webinar host trying to tell us? In the world of Google, the webinar host explained unless you have a good deal of money and time, keeping people coming to older content is hard and practically impossible to maintain. While I didn’t necessarily agree with that statement (don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger) I do have to agree that once a topic is outdated, it generally will be buried with newer, or more relevant content. And, after I got over the authority sites statement, I did find some good advice that has withstood the test of time, so I am passing it on.

It Still Works – Oldies but Goodies:

  • Create a blog structure of sorts. Work on the site from the top down. Pick a keyword and build long-tails around it. So variations of a keyword still work.
  • High competition keywords are out. Long tail is in. Use Google suggest to find keywords and check out the competition bids, not the search volume.
  • Exact match domains, well they still are in. Don’t discount the power of an emd especially in Bing, Yahoo, and some of the other search engines.
  • Treat every page as if it is a website. Choose your long tail keywords and build your articles around them.
  • Go for multiple niche small sites with content.
  • Use doc sharing sites like Scribd then drip using Twitter and Google + for more traffic.

The Best Way to Rank a Site?

The usual and Above Everything, write unique content. That is still the most important suggestion of all. Google is not as focused on back links any more but rather content, engagement (watch your bounce rate), and social presence.

So, are authority sites dead, probably not. What I did find encouraging is that in the ever-changing world of Google, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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