What’s new with the MacBook Pro?

Apple recently introduced the New MacBook Pro and it’s Getting Rave Reviews!

Retina Display Resolution:

The new display on the MacBook Pro has a 2880 x 1800 resolution at 220 pixels per inch. The density of the pixels in the resolution combine to produce sharper and richer depth of colors. How much sharper? Over 3 million more pixels than a High Definition TV. So sharp that your retina can’t tell the difference between the individual pixels.

Display corners on most laptops are notorious for a decrease in contrast and in some cases, color. Not this display, which boasts high definition ability even on and around corners. Although this is still a glossy-type display, glare, is also reduced. Speaking of displays, an interesting setting change seems to be the non-ability to choose resolution types as on other Mac and PC laptops. Instead, there are five sliders that go from larger text to more space.


Quad-core Intel Core i7 processors. Intel Core i7 processors use turbo boost technology. This technology checks and reacts to variances in power and temperature. When the limits on the processors dip, the clock speed ramps up to turbo boost mode to give power to what core (processor on a multi processor chip is a core) is affected, and in some cases as needed, even if it is the entire core. The Hyper-Threading Technology means that you can work on  multiple applications, or processor-intensive applications such as video editing, movies, and gaming, without  a decrease in performance. In fact, you will experience optimal performance the way the applications were designed to run – that includes when your virus program decides to run an update in the background  (one of my pet peeves).

Newer Technology:

Flash Drive Storage will probably replace hard drives in the not-so-distant-future. Slated to be the first to move in this direction is most probably laptops. The advantages to Flash Drive Storage is that there are no moving parts (thus hard drive failure and subsequent loss of data due to hard drive failure is not a worry).

Imagine having a whopping 768 GB of storage? Large files, (such as videos and photos) can be kept on your laptop instead of on a DVD or on other storage mediums such as external hard drives (although, backup of data is always a good idea). Imagine the amount of downloads or music you can easily store? When accessing your files, or moving from one file to another, this type of storage is also much faster than the traditional hard drive (with the added bonus of lack of noise).

Cool Extras:

7 hour battery life.

USB 3 fastest usb-port to date.

Biggest Con:

Software. Non-MacBook Pro Retina optimized software is said to look distorted and blurry, even extending to search engines such as the lightweight browser, Google Chrome. The Apple apps have been now designed to work with the resolution. If you are a Mac application fan, then this should not be a problem, however, you may get frustrated when trying to work with non-Mac applications. Don’t let that stop you though, the buzz is that most 3rd party software is quickly making the changes to become compatible.

Buy It, Now?

If you can handle the 3rd party software issue, the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display is certainly pricey at the starting price of $2199 with upwards to a little under $4,000. If you are looking for a portable, powerful option to a desktop, consider getting this laptop. Video professionals or anyone looking to maximize their time (even when surfing the net) will benefit from the speed at which this laptop moves, while utilizing the productivity and potential for growth this laptop provides. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the technology being outdated in 6 months.


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